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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Recruit Course

On the 14th Feb 2009, Legenda College has sent over 50 students (male and female) which are listed in 508 Regiment Askar Wataniah to undergo 1 month of basic military training which is called KURSUS ASAS PERAJURIT MUDA, Siri 1/2009.. It is located at Kem Jln Rasah, Seremban..

When they first arrived for they first training, it was obvious that they were like fish out of water, carrying their belonging and looking some what lost. They were strangers to each other, undiscipline and immature. That date will not be easily forgotten as they waited eagerly and excitingly for the registration. They thrives to stand to attention and in line as they collect their necessity items and put on their new Wataniah uniforms which are green Celoreng, Boots, and Beret for the first time.

Briefings will be given to the students with the rules and regulations of army in classroom and in the field. Nutritious meals are sufficiently provided. Sacrifing their hair with number 3 haircut, making them looks like soldier to be. Then a new chapter of their life was about to be written. They were to learn new skills, military techniques, build up their confidence, communicate, lead, manage, and broaden their experience. Most of all they wanted to be the best that they can be physically and mentally. For some, it was perhaps the first time that they had to exercise so much and it showed a good way to get slim though.

To defend themselves against the enemy, they learned the basics of an arm combact then the instructor's demonstrated how to neutralise a person and the recruit's attempted to do the same. In and out of the classroom, the recruits learn the soldiering's skills such as weapons handling, first aid, field crafted, map reading, military law, and military terminology.

There were practical and written exams on what they had learned. The very core of a soldier's life drill day in and day out. The recruits were drilled on how to march, salute, stand to attention, and to give orders. Even from a distance irrespective of a weather, under a hot sun, under the rain and at any time. Orders were barked at them, "LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT", head up, chest out, back straight, in line, in step, and in time. Mistakes were many but with practices, the recruits will began to act a march like soldiers.

Just when they thought they had enough of marching, they had to learn how to drill with the rifle. Drill was will probably be the most boring and physically demanding part of day in recruit. Yet, it taught the recruits the very essence of discipline, the ability to work together as a unit, and to obey orders. Their's not to make reply, their's not to reason why.

Probably the most enjoyable, if not the main why some recruits joined the army, a chance to learn to handle military weapons. For the first time in their life, the recruits learned how to use the M16, a short rifle, how to low the magazine with bullets, how to take it apart, and put together again the rifle, and then doing all again blind folded. Of course some of them were better handling their rifle than others.

The recruits were experienced what it was like to shoot the rifle even if it was only with the blanks when they wondered they be able to shoot the rifle with life bullets. Their opportunity to do so when they were sent to Kem....

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